Auto Opening Garage Doors in Macclesfield Cheshire

If you’re considering garage doors in Cheshire or updating an existing one, then it may well have crossed your mind that having a garage door that opens automatically would be pretty cool. Of course, these days there are numerous styles, design and colours for garage doors that can be opened manually – including up and over, hinged or rollers. You can even get sectional doors which are flexible in how much door space you want to use at any time. You can even choose the option of sticking to the one you already have and just booking a specialist safety check, repairs or thorough overhaul, to make it work more efficiently.

With all these choices available, some people may mistakenly think that having a remote control mechanism to open your garage doors is just lazy or a gimmick. In fact, there are important advantages to having remote control units fitted onto new or existing garage doors.

Home security

Electronically activated garage doors offer a high degree of home security. You don’t need to worry about extra locks or other security measures if the only way into your garage is through the bespoke coded remote control you hide carefully in your house!


Automatic opening garage doors can also keep you, your children and pets safer too. Modern automatic systems for opening and shutting garage doors move the structure slowly, giving everyone time to clear out of the way. The potential for injury is therefore far smaller. The more sophisticated versions of automatic garage doors have sensors and will stop if they encounter an obstacle of any kind.


For those days when you have your arms full or you are in a hurry, getting in and out of the car to open and shut the doors can be a real nuisance. For many homeowners, it’s what puts them off even using their garage to store their car. You could save time, hassle and potential car crime problems by installing a remote control system on your garage door. Not all styles of garage doors in Cheshire lend themselves to retrofitting remote control systems.

The best bet is to check it out with the experts Ace Garage Doors, who can also talk you through cost-effective options for customising your garage doors in others ways too. Contact us today.