Paint cans

Garages are great, right? And we should know – we’ve worked on plenty, giving them a seriously cool makeover with our garage doors in Cheshire. Garages are spacious, offer protection your vehicle, and you can store a whole lot of things in them. Y’know, work tools, your gardening kit, boxes of junk you’re positive you’ll need at some point in the future.

But there are still a few things you can’t go stashing away in your garage. So we thought we’d take a look at a few bits and bobs that it really isn’t ideal to store in your garage.

Paint Cans

Plenty of people finish a DIY job at home, find they still have a few, half-empty paint cans left over, and push them to the corner of the garage. Big no-no. Not only will the cans themselves rust, but in higher temperatures, the paint will spoil, rendering it useless.


Paper is happiest at room temperature, not too dry, not too damp. Pretty much the exact opposite of what a garage offers. So it’s probably best not to leave important documents like your birth certificate, tax returns or even bundles of £50 notes out in the garage.

Electronic Equipment

Electronics are another bit of kit that really won’t appreciate being left outside in the garage. Sure, you may have designs on giving that old flat-screen to your mum – but she’s not going to be catching up with Corrie if the wires inside the TV are fried.

Canned Food

Ok, you may think you’re prepping up for the apocalypse, but what you’re really doing is wasting good food. See, once the temperature reaches a certain temperature, the food will spoil. Not only that, but you’ll essentially be inviting ants into your home. And rats.


As you can probably tell, the biggest issue with garages is the heat – or lack of it. Leaving wooden items in your garage, then, will damage the material, warping as the temperature varies. Best to store your wood inside the house, where you have greater control over the temperature.


The main problem with leaving clothing out in the garage is two-fold. Under certain conditions, over a period of time, the clothes will rot away. But there’s also the fact that a pile of clothes is going to attract various pests like mice, who are always on the look-out for a warm, soft space to live.

The Fridge

Some folks have their refrigerator in their garage – and as a space-saving technique, it makes sense. But… When the temperatures drop, your fridge won’t be able to keep the food inside as cool as it needs to be, and when it’s too warm, the fridge will have to work harder to do its job, meaning a higher electricity bill.

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