Roller Garage Doors Macclesfield Cheshire

If you’re looking for new garage doors in Cheshire you might just want something the same as you have now. But if you want to try something different, how do you choose? Let’s look at the main types of garage doors on offer.

Roller Doors

Excellent if space is tight outside the garage – ones that open directly onto the street, for example – roller doors coil up into a cylinder above the garage opening. This leaves the space above your car for storage. These spaces can still be used to store timber or large, flat objects like surfboards or long and thin items. They can also be motorised with remote controls.


One of the simplest and most cost-effective garage door choices, one-piece up-and-over doors are easy to fit and motorise. There are two main types. Canopy doors have tracks at the sides of the opening and pivot up into the roof of the garage, leaving approximately a third of the door protruding when they’re fully open. Retractable versions, however, use horizontal tracks mounted below the ceiling and recede further into the garage. Both take up space in the ceiling when open, so that space is not available for storage.


If you’re after a traditional look, there’s no substitute for a pair of vertically hinged doors. You need enough space for them to swing out at the front and although wood is common, they are also available in metal or fibreglass. The division can be in the middle or offset, which gives you a smaller door on one side for easier access.


These are divided into a number of vertical sections and retract horizontally into one side of the garage. They don’t protrude at the front while opening. The ceiling space is still available for storage, but because the door slides back along tracks on one side of the garage, no shelves or other items can be stored on that side.

Pick Your Door

Garage doors come in different materials and a wide range of colours and finishes, including real wood and faux wood finishes. If you need garage doors in Cheshire, the right door is available for you. Contact us today for more information.