Automatic Garage Doors

So, you’ve decided to invest in a new set of garage doors. But, you’re unsure about whether or not you want to go for ones that open automatically? If that’s you, then keep reading: we’re going to go through the perks of installing automatic garage doors.

Increased Security Levels

It’s no secret that the garage door is often the least secure entry point to the home, especially if there’s a connecting door that leads through to the house itself. An automatic garage door opener is much more secure than a standard garage door, making it ideal for anyone who’s a bit more security-conscious. There are a number of different options for automatic doors: some models have rolling codes, others work off a remote control that only you’ll have access to. It’s also worth noting that most electric doors will have a light that comes on when the door is opening. (And if you’re the forgetful type, it’s also possible to have a door that locks automatically after you’ve left.) In terms of security, an automatic door is simply a great option.

It Offers Better Protection From the Weather

Another key benefit to automatic garage doors – and one that’s very relevant to the UK! – is that you can keep the rain out of the garage itself. You won’t have to leave the garage door open while you head back to the car, drive in and then get out again. You can stay in your car, and the door will only be open for exactly as long as it needs to be. A lot of rain and snow can get in in the time it takes you to park!

You Can Install ‘Vacation Modes’

If you’re going on holiday and you know you won’t be opening the garage door for a week, you can install a feature that will disable the remote option until the person with the control codes (you) returns and restores it. Essentially, while you’re away, remotes won’t work. This can be helpful in deterring burglars.

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