Garage treasure finds

Have you ever visited a garage sale? Although not as common as they were in the past, you still hear about one once in a while. Just imagine your average Sunday car boot but on a smaller scale. It’s usually a lot of old and unwanted items that people are selling off because they are moving/clearing out space/in need of some money.

Most items aren’t worth more than a couple of pound, although you can sometimes find something decent at a bargain price. However, for the following people, they found something that was worth more than a few pound. Here are some of the world’s most unbelievable garage finds.

1.  Paintings

A UK man was in Las Vegas back in 2010, when he was taken along to a garage sale with some friends. Although he didn’t see much he liked, he did walk away with two paintings for just $5. He hung these paintings in his house for years until he decided that they needed new frames. He then discovered a sketch within the paintings, which was later discovered to be a drawing Andy Warhol made when he was just 10. It was worth a lot more than just 5 dollars.

Paid: $5 – Worth: $2 million

2. Nintendo Game

A gamer went along to a garage sale and thought he had struck lucky when he picked up a box of Nintendo games for just $50. When he finally had time to go through the whole box, he realised that he had just bought a box of very limited edition games. In fact, one of them later sold for $20,000.

Paid: $50 – Worth: $50,000

3. A Record

New Yorker Warren Hill is a keen collector of records. Always up for hunting through garage sales for records he doesn’t have already, he went along to a garage sale in 2002. He found a Velvet Underground record that he hadn’t got and paid just 75 cents for it! He later found out that it was an acetate copy of the unreleased first album – worth so much more than 75 cents.

Paid: 75 cents – 

Worth: $155,000

Keep on checking back as we will be looking at even more unbelievable garage finds.

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