Future of garage doors

When it comes to evolution, the garage door has come a long way from the vast doors of old hulking coach stables. We’ve seen the progression of sliding doors, swing doors and lifting doors. If you’re in the sci-fi mood, we’ve even seen some celebs with garages under their homes, accessible by underground doors!

Where can the garage door go next, we wonder? A door’s a door after all, yet with the growing creation and discovery of new materials, is it possible that our humble garage doors can transform themselves into something else?

A New Means of Control?

We may be one step closer to futuristic garages already and that, ladies and gentlemen, is all thanks to the wonders of technology. At first, we were forced to clamber out of our cars to unlock and open our garage doors, then we invented remote controls to make the process a little easier. Now there’s a upgrade to the old remote system. These days, thanks to the evolution of the Smart Phone and the birth of the innovative app, garage doors can potentially be completely controlled through your Smart Phone app.

Sound too good to be true? The app not only controls your garage door, it can monitor and control the temperature inside your garage. Say goodbye to frosty windscreens this winter, just don’t be tempted to use it whilst driving!

Looking the Part

Can you imagine the possibility of future garage door aesthetics?

We’ve already got the mirrored windows and gleaming aluminium down to a near virtual T, how much further can we go?

When you get bored of your garage doors aesthetical appearance these days, you simply grab a paintbrush and set to work. The process can be long and arduous at times and the result can be marred by the weather, how amazing would it be to have an interactive garage door? Whenever you grow bored of the same colour or image, you simply press a button and zap! Your garage door changes colour!

Want something more secretive? Holographic doors could do just that! Instead of a plain and blaringly obvious door announcing to people passing by that you have potentially expensive objects inside, you simply flick a switch and bam; your garage door is now a wall. At the moment we don’t have the technology for this, but perhaps this will change in the future!

Shape-shifting Doors!

Here’s a thought to mull over and be in awe of. Recently scientists in Australia have created an instruction manual for making metallic glass. When cold, the metal is stronger than steel, yet when heated up, the metal is as malleable as putty! The discovery comes with a range of endless possibilities for cases, cars and space shuttles but what about your garage door? Can you imagine just how safe your belongings will be with a door stronger than steel?

Who’s to say, thanks to this shape-shifting metal, that you won’t be able to drive your car through your garage door in the future? All it will need is a little electricity to heat it up for you to push straight through it!

Of course we’re a long way off providing shape-shifting holographic garage doors and apps that can control your entire house, but in the meantime, if you want secure, stylish garage doors in Cheshire, we’re certain we have a quality garage door for you!

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