Garage maintenance

Whilst spring cleaning the house is common at this time of the year, the garage is often sadly neglected. When was the last time you actually cleaned up in there?

If you haven’t seen the floor in months, can never find anything and your car is starting to disappear under a pile of who knows what; it’s probably a sign that it’s time to give some much needed attention to your garage.

Back in winter, we gave you some helpful tips on removing mould from inside your garage. Spring cleaning is more about tackling everything else.

Assess Everything You Have

You need to be able to see everything in the garage before making any decisions on what you need to keep or throw away. To do this, we suggest pulling everything out in your garden/drive way so that you have a clear idea of what you’re working with. Just remember; don’t put anything back unless it has a place.

Enlist the Help of Family

Decluttering a large garage can take some serious time and effort. Therefore, you shouldn’t try and do it all on your own! We say make it a family activity and get everyone involved in the tidying and cleaning! This will also stop you throwing away anything that belongs to someone else too!

Sort Everything Into Piles

Once you have pulled everything out of the garage, you should start putting your items into different piles. You can have one for rubbish, one for things that you will give away, a pile for the stuff you want to keep and then a pile for stuff that will be living somewhere other than back in the garage.

Give Your Garage a Good Clean

The garage being empty gives you the perfect opportunity to give it a really good scrub! It’s probably been a while (if ever) since its last deep clean – so it’s time to give it a big makeover. Firstly, hoover and sweep the dust that would have been hiding itself behind all of your stuff. We then suggest giving the floor a good clean with your hose pipe – you can brush out the excess water later on!

Organise Your Stuff

Your garage is now clean and you finally have a pile of stuff to go back in. Don’t just dump everything wherever there is space – take the time to properly organise where things are going to go. If this requires buying storage boxes or building a shelf or two, you should definitely take time to do so.

Replacing and updating your old garage door can completely change the look of your garage, giving it the ultimate spring clean.

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