Storage space in garages

You know you put that bike/book/favourite pair of jeans somewhere but your cupboards are full and you can’t find anything? Then you may need more storage. However much we all try to get organised and de-clutter, somehow all that stuff just keeps coming back.

Here are some sure-fire signs that you need more storage space.

Nothing Ever Seems to be Where You Put it

If you’re always searching for the stuff you want, but only ever finding the things you don’t need – and have probably forgotten all about – then you definitely need more storage.

Maybe you’ve already tried decluttering and couldn’t bear to throw anything away. Or maybe you have a house full of kids and all the ‘must haves’ they’ve accumulated, no longer play with but refuse to part with. Whatever the reasons, you need more storage space!

You Have a Junk Room

Is your spare room filled to the rafters with junk, instead of the gym equipment or the home office you always promised yourself?

Maybe you’ve even fitted out a room in your house with shelves and cupboards to take the overflow. However organised you think you are, you need more storage.

Your Garage No Longer Has Space For a Car

We all know the garage is useful for storing things you don’t want to keep in the house, and that makes perfect sense.

But if it’s overflowing with boxes and there’s no longer any room for the car when you open your Ace Garage Doors then you need more storage space.

Your Circumstances Have Changed

Have you downsized recently? Or had a relative – and all their possessions – come to live with you? Have you had to clear a deceased relative’s home and didn’t have the heart to throw away their treasured possessions, promising yourself you’ll just look after them until you get around to it? You definitely need more storage.

We can’t help you declutter, but we can help you to reclaim your garage and turn it back into the useful space it once was. Contact us today.