Security Tips for Garage Doors

Your garage is an area of your property that is particularly attractive to thieves. Most people use their garage to store items of value like DIY tools, sports equipment, bikes, camping gear and the like, as well as the car. Many garages also offer access to the house. With security in mind, here is some information you might want to consider when choosing new garage doors in Cheshire.

Roller Shutter Doors

Roller shutter doors are comprised of a series of interconnected horizontal slats. When open, the door rolls into a tight coil that is stored in a box above the garage door opening. Tracks are fitted on either side of the doorway along which the slats slide when the door is opened or closed. Once the shutter is fully closed, it fits flush with the floor and can also be bolted down if required. Roller shutter doors can be made from plastic, aluminium or galvanised steel and can be operated electronically or manually. Heavy-duty galvanised steel security shutters present a serious deterrent to an intruder, and many insurance companies actually insist on their installation. You can also opt for additional security screens which are fitted behind your roller door.

Up-and-Over Doors

Traditional up-and-over doors are manually operated via a lockable handle that operates a spring-loaded bolt by means of a rod or steel cable. The bolt locks into a slot in the door’s top frame. Unfortunately, this type of garage door is vulnerable to attack by thieves as it can easily be forced open using a thin-bladed tool to force down the bolt from above. A better option is to have a multiple bolt system fitted, and the more modern styles of up-and-over door feature these as standard. Some designs include bolts that are locked from the inside so a separate pedestrian door is included to allow you to exit the garage once you’ve locked up.

Press bolts can also be fitted to prevent the door from being opened by force, and coach bolts can be installed which can’t be unfastened from the outside. Up-and-over doors are usually made from aluminium and can be electronically or manually operated.

Choosing the Most Secure Doors for Your Garage

For more advice on choosing secure garage doors for your Cheshire property, contact us to chat with the experts at Ace Garage Doors for more advice on what options are available.