Remote Control Garage Doors

Remote Control Garage Doors Macclesfield CheshireWhether it’s for your existing garage door or to accommodate your new garage door, ACE Garage Doors are able to offer you a complete range of remote control units.

Remote control units are mostly installed for high security, if the door is too heavy to operate manually and also for the cold winter conditions meaning you won’t need to leave the warmth and the security of your car when opening your garage door.

ACE Garage Doors, will be more than happy to help and to advise you as to which remote control unit will suit your existing or new garage door at a convenient price that meets your budget.

Remote control for garage doorRemote control units come with a manual override as standard for in the event of a power failure. If you haven’t got access to your garage from inside your property or any side/back doors, then we supply you with an External Emergency Unlocking Kit so you can still access your garage during a power failure.

Remote control units come with a variety of accessories such as, Mini Wall Mounted Push Button Controllers, Key Switches, Coded Keypads, Transmitter for Car Cigarette Lighters, Wireless Finger Scanner and Weather Protected external LED Lighting Kit (that can be switched on/off independently of garage door drive function).

Remote controls for garage door