Garage door detail

It is no great surprise that enterprising car thieves have found a way to get round even the most up to date keyless technology. Transmitter devices have been used to remotely unlock high-end cars from driveways, public highways and even garages around Cheshire.

Many owners of high value cars believe that keyless locking systems render their vehicle safe from theft. However, even this – coupled with a normal garage to store the vehicle – may no longer be enough to protect your pride and joy.

Are Car Thefts on the Rise?

Essex police have made CCTV footage public, that shows a £60,000 BMW X5 being stolen from under the noses of the property owner. In this case, the thieves entered an unsecured garage and held up a shopping carrier bag. It is believed the bag contained an electronic transmitter.

The criminals then got into the car and drove away. It followed hot on the heels of a Mercedes Benz disappearing in a similar fashion.

Other thefts of expensive cars have involved simply smashing a window and then bypassing the car’s keyless system. After 20 years of decline, the total number of cars stolen in England and Wales rose by 9% in 2015. This possibly correlates with new interest in snatching luxury vehicles and the increasing technology to make it possible.

There is believed to be new overseas steal-to-order demand for high end cars stolen from the UK. According to the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service, the Audi S3 is the car most often stolen here. It is followed by the Land Rover Defender (a collectors piece) and the Range Rover.

So How Can Cheshire Car Owners Keep Their High-End Vehicles Safer?

It often starts and ends with your garage door. Especially if you live on Cheshire farmland or in open spaces where thieves cruise for car models that are on the hit list. Creating a bespoke garage entrance, that makes it easier to store your car when it is not being used, is important as it will avoid the temptation to leave your car in the open.

You also need to integrate the latest security features to make your garage as impenetrable as humanly possible.

Keep your car safer – especially the luxury models that well organised thieves seek out – by talking about bespoke garage doors in Cheshire with us. Contact us today for more information.