Important Planning Rules for Garages

If you intend to build a new garage, planning is vital. We don’t just mean local authority regulations either. There are also steps you need to take to plan your garage, to ensure the end result is fit for purpose and stands the test of time.

Local Authority Restrictions

As a general rule, a detached garage doesn’t need planning permission as long as it is for domestic use only. This is due to something referred to as Permitted Development Rights. You do face certain size restrictions, including the proportion of the exterior space your garage takes up, and a maximum height of 4m.

The exceptions to Permitted Development Rights include if you live in a conservation area, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or World Heritage Site. Or if your property is a Listed Building. If you are creating a garage as an integral part of your property, Permitted Development Rights apply too, as long as you are not increasing the overall footprint of your home. Building a garage joined to your home? You don’t need planning permission if it falls within restrictions on height, width and materials that apply to all forms of extensions.

Your Own Plan

When planning a new garage your own careful planning avoids problems later in the day too. Plan the style and materials of your garage in the context of your own home, and your neighbours. Construction should be sympathetic to the environment it will sit in. Consider insulating walls, particularly if you are creating a multi-use facility. Think about how to lay it out to support various uses, such as housing your tumble dryer or washing machine, becoming a craft workshop or offering a venue for older kids to chill. You may as well make the most of every square foot available under planning regulations.

Not just to provide enough space for modern cars, but also to impress future buyers with the potential to turn this in to an additional living space. Make sure the doors you fit are secure enough to cope with modern day perils and uses. Look for ones that have the engineering and craftsmanship to be reliable year round, for a long time to come. And that’s where we can help.

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