Garage use ideas

So, your tool collection is starting to outgrow the corner of your garage and your partner is more and more despairing of your little projects which live on the dining room table for weeks at a time. Never fear there is a simple solution to this problem; set up your own dedicated workspace in your garage.

Don’t just pile up your tools in the corner or use your garage to store unwanted items you will never use again. Instead, carve out your own workspace so that your projects can be completed in your own space and not overtake much needed space in the main interior of your home. Depending on your skill-level there are many different ways that you can achieve this, but there are some core steps that you should always follow.

Clear Space

Garages are often the universal dumping ground for all the knick knacks that are no longer wanted in our lives. Before preparing a space to be able to do all of your DIY projects to your heart’s content, it is important that you actually have the space to do it in. So, have a clear out, sell some of those knick knacks in a garage sale and back the car out for an afternoon or two as you make the space your own. But obviously make sure you can get your car back in with the added DIY area…

Install a Workbench

Building or buying a workbench depends on your skill, time and motivation. But either way you need to make sure that the dimensions for the bench are suited for the space that you have in the garage. It should also be durable; it will spend a long time in the garage and depending on the level of insulation and other factors this can be wearing on the things that you store in there. A durable workbench is also a safety concern; you do not want something that can be knocked over easily or slip whilst you are working.

Quality can go a long way towards making your DIY space a pleasure to be in, so don’t be afraid to spend a little extra on a key element of the space such as the bench.

Install Tool Storage

Any DIY space is going to be overrun by tools at some point in its life. No doubt you have a small toolbox over flowing with all sorts of equipment, for every conceivable project, but with the building of a dedicated DIY space should come dedicated tool storage. Again, you can either build this yourself or purchase it, but either way it should be large enough to fit your needs.

For tools that require easy access a pegboard installed on your wall is the perfect solution, hang it above your workbench and your DIY haven will start to look the part!

Assess Task Lighting

Garages are not an area of the house that is usually used in great amounts, so in most garages the light sources match this and are not as bright or far-reaching as other interior lighting. Working on projects in a dimly lit environment is not ideal. It could lead to mistakes, or in a worst case scenario it could result in an accident.

Good overhead lighting is essential, but to illuminate workbenches more efficiently a dedicated work lamp is the perfect solution to make sure you do not strain your eyes or have any unfortunate mishaps.

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