Gym in Garage

A gym membership can be expensive – and research has shown that if you live more than 12 minutes’ away, you’re more likely to find reasons not to visit.

The best solution? Create your own gym just outside your front door, in a part of your property that’s often underused. There’s no membership fee – and no queues to use the equipment.

1. Clear the Clutter
Are you going to devote the whole garage to your gym or share it with your gardening tools and that old car tyre you’ve never got around to recycling? Either way, throw out the rubbish first and plan for the space available.

2. Don’t be Over-Ambitious
A full-size rowing machine sounds appealing – but is a wider range of smaller items more practical? A medicine ball, three or four kettlebells, a range of hand weights, a bar with some heavier plates, a skipping rope and a mat for stretching will be enough for most people to start with.

3. Spend with Care
Do you really need a brand new, shiny set of dumbbells? Training equipment is going to get bashed and sweaty from regular use, and there’s plenty available second-hand through online auction sites.

4. Pump Up the Volume
If you’re a music fan, a CD player in the garage will help keep you motivated through a tough workout. Don’t turn it up so loud that you annoy the neighbours, though!

5. Invest in a New Garage Door
If you’ve gone to the effort of transforming your garage into a perfect workout space, you’ll want to look after it. The high quality models we stock at Ace Garage Doors will keep your home gym safe, dry and secure.

6. Set Yourself Realistic Goals
You will no doubt be super-enthusiastic at first and want to work out in your home gym every day. Once the novelty has worn off, aim to work up a sweat three times a week, focusing on different aspects of your fitness: strength, flexibility and cardio are all equally important.

Contact us at Ace Garage Doors and our friendly team will be happy to help with your garage door needs. The only thing we can’t do for you is your workout!