Turning a garage into an office

When it comes to making use of your garage, it’s a good idea to think outside of the box. Although they’re fantastically handy for suiting their original purpose and keeping your car securely locked away, they can be used for so much more, from a storage space to a study area.

Of course, different purposes will require different interiors, and although a bare concrete floor, single lightbulb, and some old shelving might suffice for parking your vehicle and keeping a few bits and bobs, it won’t work half as well for creating a cosy home away from home.

To help you achieve such a look for yourself, here are a few simple tips to inspire you.

Start Outside

Although you’ll spend most of your time inside your garage, it’s nice to have a place to go that looks pleasant from the outside, especially if you’re using it as a den, games room, or a study. A fresh coat of paint can be the perfect place to start and white walls always look clean and welcoming. An upgraded door could also be a good idea and being able to enter through a hinged portal and easily shut it behind you will feel much more like entering a home away from home than more traditional options. Take a look at our garage doors in Cheshire to see what’s on offer.

Choose a Colour Scheme

Just like your exterior, your interior will need a revamp, and although bare bricks can have a certain quirky charm, you might want to plaster and paint over them. Considering that windows may be limited, white and other pale colours are usually the best choices and will make the space feel larger and airier. To add some individuality, choose two or three other hues for furnishings and accessories.

Add Some Extras

Finally, it’s time to add in some extras, and these will really define the way that your space comes to look. Try to choose furnishings that are soft and comfortable, as these will be perfect for sinking in to at the end of a long day. Then add accessories that will suit your purpose, whether this is a snooker table, desk, or simply lots and lots of cushions and throws. Buy a heater or two to warm the space, install some additional electrical sockets, and you’re all set to go.

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