Garage workshop ideas

Once you have made good progress in renovating your garage into a DIY haven it is time to consider the finishing touches to your project. The space is all but complete, the essentials are in place and you are only left with a few final bits of housekeeping to consider as you are completing your dream garage.

Here are the final steps you will need to take in order to complete your DIY haven.

Organise Your Tools

Once you have adequate tool storage you must take the time to organise your existing tools and decide if there is anything vital you may be missing from your collection. There are plenty of standard tools that you should have in your DIY haven, things that most people have in some shape or another, but you will also need a number of specialist tools to truly call the space a haven.

It depends on what type of DIY projects you are tackling, but there are some standard tools that will help you with almost any project; a drill press, table saw, band saw, belt sander, anvil and a grinder. Opinions vary vastly on what tools are appropriate for what project and so on, but these are a great start to any DIY hobbyist’s endeavours.


The heating and cooling of your garage is another vital component you must consider when creating your own DIY haven. As a rule an ordinary garage will have poor insulation for the colder days and no air conditioning for the hotter ones, so if you wish to continue working no matter the weather then this is something which you must tackle.

Adding insulation to the walls of your garage is the most advisable step in order to maintain heat. Other options include portable space heaters; conversely a portable floor air conditioning unit can be used for cooling down in the summer. You can take the extra step of having a professional heating and cooling system installed, but this depends on the budget and time constraints of your project.


Most tasks that you take on in your workshop will require a good ventilation system. Typically, in a standard garage, the ventilation is not the best and as such this is something which you should consider carefully. Opening a window, or even your garage door, is usually not enough ventilation for a space that sees a lot of DIY projects.

As such, you should consider installing a ceiling exhaust fan which will help to keep the air flow regulated in your DIY space. You can maintain the air quality of your garage further by installing a dust collection system; this may be even more vital if you are considering projects that involve regular woodwork in order to deal with the build up of sawdust.


With your DIY haven complete there is only one thing left to consider; entertainment. A good radio can be a vital asset when working diligently on a project. Or if you want a space that can also act as an entertainment den then a mounted television or even a projector might be the right choice. Better yet; you can turn creating a projection screen into the first official project of your DIY haven!

Following the perfect garage transformation you will need a quality door to seal the deal. Contact us at Ace Garage Doors on 0800 093 3646 and our friendly team will be more than happy to help you with any enquiry you may have.