Garage Security Advice

There is no doubt that garages provide useful extra square footage. No longer just shelters for vehicles, utilisation of garage space varies dramatically. From gyms to home offices, a garage will often contain valuable contents. But keeping those contents safe and secure needn’t be an issue with the right garage door. Here are some of the ways you can secure yours.

Keeping Your Contents a Secret

If your garage contents are valuable, it is wise to keep public exposure to a minimum. If your garage is overlooked, it can be hard to work in the space without having the door wide open. Side hinged garage doors are an ideal solution for this scenario.

The integral door allows quick access whilst keeping the main space hidden from view. The side hinged door also facilitates high external traffic without the need for heavy door lifting.

Securing an Internal Garage

Garages are often integral to a building, enabling convenient access from inside as well as outside of the property. Whilst this is ideal for quick access to the space, it also increases the need for a secured garage door.

It doesn’t matter which type of garage door you choose but the strength of materials and locking system should be of the best quality you can afford. This will give you peace of mind that the garage is not an insecure access point to your home.

Automating for Quick Access

The automated garage door offers personal security, giving immediate access via remote control. For car entry from a main road or desolate country lane, the remote control allows entry without the need to leave your vehicle. This means you are kept safe but it also reduces the likelihood of leaving a car unsecured whilst getting out to open a garage door. Automated door access enables quick entry and provides a complete security solution for you and your garage.

Don’t leave the contents of your garage at risk, make Ace Garage Doors your first port of call for garage doors in Cheshire. Contact us for a quote today.