Timber Wooden Garage Doors Macclesfield Cheshire

Though most houses come equipped with garage doors made of metals these days, there’s something that’s a bit more unique about choosing a wooden door to house your storage or vehicle. Available in a plethora of styles, shapes and movement styles, there’s something to fit practically any home requirement. Here are just a few ways that picking a timber garage door can make your home stand out:

Modern and Matching

For a modern style of home, a wooden garage door can be an ideal way to match your existing doors and furniture. With light woods and white matte paint a significant trend for modern living, getting a matching garage door not only provides unity to your home, but it also makes all your doors and window frames easier to maintain. For something even more modern with a twist, opt for a brightly painted timber garage door; the combination of wood texture and vibrant colour is sure to make your house fit in with the modern colour block aesthetic.

Retro Styling

For older houses, a metal garage door might look a little out of place. On a traditional house, using darker timbers, such as cedar, can provide the perfect match to the style of your home, and looks fantastic in combination with darker gloss paints for doors and windows. Hinge designs can also add an extra retro dimension to any garage, while containing the same security measures of a modern style garage.

New Build? Not Boring

For owners of new builds, it can be difficult to differentiate your home from your neighbours’. With everything designed according to a matching plan – from the colour of bricks right down to the style of garage doors – you can choose to swap out your standard garage door for a more secure, more attractive timber style door that is sure to make you stand out. For locations where space can be an issue, utilise remote controlled entry for easier off-road access. Tempted by timber?

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