Garage Door Spares Macclesfield

Providing the best garage doors in Cheshire has given us an insight into the wonderful world of first time buyers. Garages doors can be very costly depending on the size, material and type of door you’re looking for. Sometimes, when  you think your garage door is on its last legs, all it really needs is a little TLC and a few spare parts.

“My garage door is a little shaky”

If your garage door shakes a little when it opens it isn’t an automatic indication that you need to replace the entire door. Don’t panic, take a step back and ask you door ‘why are you shaking?’

The answer can be something as simple as your garage door opener experiencing a bent or loose screw. That’s nothing to get worried over, tightening up any loose screws will soon set things straight!

“My garage door gets stuck every time I open it”

Having to put a little welly into opening your garage door can be fixed with something as simple as making sure your garage tracks and rollers are all nicely oiled.

If that doesn’t work it could be down to a faulty spring. Though this isn’t any reason for you to run to the nearest store and replace your entire garage door immediately, it does mean that you need to that perfect spring to help get your door moving again.

“My garage door has too many scratches”

Scratches on your garage door are to be expected. General wear and tear from the elements, children and a car in the wrong gear can cause such minor occurrences to surface from time to time.

Again, there’s no need to worry about replacing your entire door. A lick of paint can solve a world of problems, if you have any quires or questions about what type of paint is best for your garage door, feel free to ask us. We’re very well versed in the art of garage painting.

We supply a range of spare parts for your garage door. Whether you’re having trouble opening your garage door, or whether the sensors and alarms have decided that this summer, they just aren’t going to play fair, we have the garage door part for you.

If, for some reason, you find that we don’t supply the particular part you need to help fix your door, we can have your spare part delivered to us within 24hrs so long as the order has been placed before 2pm. For more information contact us today on 01625 800122.