Roller Garage Doors Macclesfield Cheshire

Garage doors are an expensive feature in any home so you would expect them to grant you a lifetime’s worth of reliable usage wouldn’t you? Sometimes our garages doors, exposed to the elements and suffering significant dents and scratches through our every day wear and tear simply need a little TLC to see them through their days. Supplying Cheshire with garage doors you can rely on is what we excel at, and you deserve nothing but the best in bespoke, efficient garage doors to adorn your house with. If you haven’t reach the stage where you need to replace your garage door entirely, however, all you need to liven up your tired door is a lick of paint.

How you decorate your door is completely up to you, some may prefer the:

  • Bare Essentials Look: Keeping your garage door perfectly natural may be your style of design. Stripping back the paint to expose the stunning properties of your wooden garage door may be just what you’re after. A lick of varnish and some wood treatment to show off the grain in all of its natural allure and voila! Growing old graciously can be the perfect way out for your garage door.
  • Lick of Paint Look: You may have decided that your garage door needs a little spruce up. Nothing too eye catching, nothing too daring or bold, just a lick of paint to see it through, to keep your home modest and classy. Make sure you prime and buff your door before you take out your paint brush however, your garage door deserves the best after all!
  • Designer Door Look: Now your door is worn and the paint is peeling off in places, it may be time to redecorate it. To some this may be a pain but you don’t see it as that, You see it as a call to your paintbrush, a challenge to immerse yourself in. To you, your garage door is an extension of your own, individual personality, and you’re going to take full advantage of it.

Painting your garage door in bright, bold designs and fantastical or realistic images has become something of a norm in recent years. Though finding a single, mutual block colour is also very common, the rise in artistic garage doors has begun to litter households across the country. We can’t say we oppose the trend, we find it gives a house a bit of character, an identity our garage door designs strive to meet and match.

If you’re thinking of painting your garage door, however, make sure you use the correct paint for your particular material. If you have any questions about what paint is best to use on your garage door, don’t be afraid to ask us!

If you’re looking for a fantastic garage door to match your unique personality, contact us today on 0800 0933646 and our friendly, family run team will be happy to help answer all of your questions.