Timber Wooden Garage Doors Macclesfield Cheshire

You will find that there are lots of styles and materials to choose from when searching for garage doors in Cheshire. But what is the perfect garage door for your cottage in the countryside? One style that will never go out of fashion and will help to add value to your home are sectional timber garage doors.

They are Attractive

Timber sectional garage doors look and feel beautiful. They are just so incredibly attractive and help to reflect the personality and feel of your cottage. When you go down the bespoke garage route, you will also be able to fully customise your timber sectional garage door to exactly the look you desire.

Help to Retain Warmth

As well as looking beautiful, the timber sectional garage door will also help to keep your garage space warm, which is especially important during those cold winter months. They are usually manufactured with thick internal thermal layers that help to trap heat, which also helps to save money on your heating bill.

Protect and Keep Safe

When you opt for a timber sectional garage door, you will have peace of mind in knowing that the contents of your garage are safe. The timber is treated so that it can withstand all weather conditions and will not rot or be prone to fungal growth. The fit of this type of door is also incredibly snug and once locked, is not easily opened.

The Best Use of Space

Sectional garage doors are made from several sections, as opposed to one large door. As well as the door being able to open much more smoothly, this type of garage door also helps to maximise internal space. This is due to the fact that they move horizontally along the side wall or ceiling, meaning that this space is not lost. This is incredibly advantageous if you own a 4×4 for those enjoyable and long country drives.

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