Roller Garage Doors Macclesfield Cheshire

Not everyone is blessed with wide driveways and spacious gardens. In fact, most modern properties are economic in their external footprint. And if you live in one of Cheshire’s abundant period terraces, your garage could be confined to a rather tight squeeze.

Easy to Open

If you are building a garage or updating an existing one, clearly you will want to be sure that the garage doors at your Cheshire home open with ease. One of the main reasons garages become dumping grounds is because homeowners get sick of fighting to get cars in and out when the access is limited. For occasions when the space around the garage entrance is restricted, roller garage doors offer a great solution. Secure, reliable and highly space efficient, roller style garage doors can still be automated to open and shut remotely.

Outward or Inward Doors?

If you prefer something that swings open, there are ways to create sectional garage doors or hinged ones that go in the direction you need. For example, if you have a small garage and space is a premium, garage doors can be hinged to open outwards. If the boundaries of your garage are the challenge, you could opt for one that opens inwards if there is space inside. Did you know that door solutions for small garages also include options to change the operating mechanisms too? Most traditional garage door openers are mounted on the ceiling of the structure and operate using a track. If your garage has a particularly low ceiling, it could be better to buy a side-mounted garage door opener.

There are clearly quite a few options for buying garage doors for low or narrow garages, or those with limited external space. Garage doors “off the shelf” may not be much use, but using the right company to create one out of separate panels and mechanisms that match specific needs, means that there is no garage in Cheshire that is too small.

Keep in mind that by contacting us for garage doors in Cheshire, you get access to big amounts of help and advice on doors that would suit the exact perimeters of your garage. This includes the option to commission bespoke garage doors, to fit those particularly tricky situations.