Using garage space differently

For many people, garages are a place to keep your expensive cars safe from theft or weather related damages. For that, garages have worked wonders over the decades for us.However, we’ve found many people use their garages for far more than simply protecting their cars

Entertainment Space

When it comes to throwing birthday parties you may find that your living room isn’t big enough to hold the number of guests you want. Children’s parties are an excellent example of this. When your seven year old has their birthday party, they simply have to invite their entire class (plus their teacher).

Your garage is the perfect place to house your extra guests, not only do you have a bare space you can utilise to your own advantage, but you don’t need to worry about chocolate cake falling onto cream carpets, or muddy shoes from the garden traipsing through your house!

Ulterior Storage Room

When it comes to buying a new bed, or perhaps you’ve finally saved up enough for that three-piece sofa suite, you’re going to need space to store your old furniture before you can remove it or sell it on. Enter your garage.

With enough space to fit your car into, your garage is your perfect storage solution, and you don’t have to struggle carrying it out of your front door as you might have done getting it indoors as your garage opens up onto your garden thanks to your ingenious garage door!

An Upgraded Shed

When you find your ‘man cave’ is less of a man cave and more of a Wendy Den for the children at the foot of your garden, you’re going to want to have somewhere to store your bikes, garden toys, gardening equipment and the all important DIY station complete with much loved tools.

The beauty of utilising your garage for such things is that you have easy access for bulky items and plenty of space to keep everything neat and tidy. Not only can you move around freely without bumping into plant pots and bike racks, but you can relax knowing that your garage won’t suffer from gale force winds and rot.

A garage isn’t complete, however, without a trusty garage door. We deliver bespoke garage doors in Cheshire to meet a wide range of requests, so no matter what you’re using your garage for, you can be certain your belongings are kept safe and secure. Contact us on 0800 0933646 today for more information and follow us on Facebook for the latest garage updates!