Side hinged garage doors in Macclesfield, Cheshire

Side-hinged garage doors are quickly becoming more popular. While they are certainly not for everyone, they’re a perfect fit for homeowners who use their garage for more than just parking a car, because they offer a little extra cover and privacy.

Convenience And Flexibility

Side-hinged garage doors are just so much easier to open. If you are often in and out of your garage, either because you use it for storing bins and tools or because it doubles up as a workshop or an office, then side-hinged garage doors are definitely worth considering. They open in a similar way to regular doors, which means they are much more accessible to children and older people, too. But don’t worry – they can be fitted with excellent security features which means they are no less secure than our other garage doors.

Timber, Glass Fibre, Or Wood?

Side-hinged garage doors are available in timber, glass fibre, and wood, which makes them a versatile option. Which material you choose depends upon your requirements, though side-hinged doors are most often built from timber. Timber garage doors are lightweight, durable, and can be painted in a variety of colours to match the style of your home; this makes side-hinged doors popular with homeowners who prioritise aesthetics.

A Little More Traditional

One downside to side-hinged doors it that they are more difficult to make automatic. If an automatic garage door is important to you, this may be one to skip. They are overall more traditional in style than many other garage doors, which appeals to some customers, but fitting a side hinge converter to make side-hinged doors automatic can be costly.

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