Uses for a garage

A garage provides invaluable space and not just for your car. Whether a garage is attached, detached or underneath accommodation, there are plenty of alternative uses for garages. To help you make full use of such an asset, why not get inspired with these three ideas for your garage?

1) Office or Studio Space
If you are looking for more room, a garage could be the ideal solution. With minor upgrades, the generous dimensions of a garage could provide ample office or studio space. More cost-effective than moving house, a garage conversion easily extends square footage. With an office or creative studio housed in the garage, equipment and storage can be moved out of the house freeing living space too. To ensure your new room is both accessible and secure, it is important to get the right garage door for your needs. You may wish to consider a hinged door, providing quick access without the risk of exposing your room as you enter or leave.

2) Organised Storage
Using a garage for storage is nothing new but organising the space will make a big difference. Installing shelving and hooks and adding labelling makes it much easier to use the garage on a regular basis. Just like a mini-warehouse, once you can access your ‘stock’ it is easier to facilitate a hobby, house over-spill items from work or just keep things in order. Once you have invested time in sorting out your space, ensure your garage door is strong enough to withstand regular use. A remote control option may help when you have boxes to move in and out on your own.

3) Home Gym
Installing a gym in your garage could help to save money on annual fees. With a few well-chosen pieces you could be working out whenever you feel like it. At home, you can workout in complete privacy all year round. With such expensive equipment in your garage, it is crucial that your room is secured. Make sure your chosen garage door is fully lockable and keeps your gym safe from prying eyes.

If we have inspired you to get more from your garage, make sure you update your garage doors at the same time. We specialise in providing bespoke garage doors in Cheshire to help you create the perfect space that fits your overall home decor, looks smart and maximises security. Contact us for a no-obligation quotation today.